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Meet Shawn

Meet Shawn Goheen: A Leader in Premium Finance 

Meet Shawn Goheen, the heart and soul behind Goheen Insurance. Since the early ’90s, Shawn has been more than just a financial advisor; he has been a trusted confidant to high-net-worth individuals. His journey has led him to build strong connections with over 15 specialty lenders and insurance carriers, and relationships with 20+ banks, giving him a rare edge in navigating the often-complex financial world with ease and transparency.

But Shawn’s work goes beyond just crunching numbers. He gets to the heart of what each client needs, understanding that everyone’s financial journey is unique. He’s also known as the “Advisor to Advisors,” a role where he shares his insights with other professionals, helping them uncover new opportunities and grow their practices.

When he’s not hard at work helping clients, Shawn enjoys a round of golf and loves grilling outside friends and family.

Meet Morgan

Joining Shawn is Morgan Goheen, the Vice President of Life Sales. Morgan is known for her sharp mind, straightforward honesty, and impressive leadership.

She brings a new, vibrant perspective to the table, particularly in tackling the financial challenges unique to women. Her approach is all about building strong, personal connections with clients, ensuring that Goheen Insurance always stays in tune with the diverse needs of those they serve.

Beyond finance, Morgan enjoys horseback riding and traveling as well as keeping in touch with family and friends.

The recent acquisition of Goheen Insurance by The Simplicity Group represents a significant leap forward in Financial advisory services and financial services. This strategic move combines Goheen’s expertise in premium finance solutions and high-net-worth insurance services with Simplicity’s vast resources and innovative financial tools.

The combined entity focused on high-net-worth clients, among others, and is uniquely positioned to offer specialized financial advisory services strategies and advanced insurance solutions. This partnership marks a new era in financial planning, where innovation, expertise, and client-centric solutions converge to guide clients towards a prosperous financial future.

Meet Stacey

Meet Stacey Goheen, the executive administrator

Stacey Goheen blends her experience as a small business owner and her dedication as a full-time mother.

Since stepping into the company in 2010, she has become the organizational force behind the scenes, ensuring seamless operations and unparalleled efficiency. Her keen attention to detail and ability to keep the company aligned and functioning flawlessly are what make her truly the backbone of Goheen Insurance.

"Goheen Insurance offered a very communicative, and well designed product and helped get a few cases that were pretty challenging over the line for me."

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