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Corporate Integrity Program

Streamlining Business with our Corporate Integrity Program

At Goheen Insurance, our Corporate Integrity Program introduces a transformative approach to business administration for advisors through the use of a Management Service Organization (MSO). This innovative structure is designed to enhance operational efficiency for advisors’ practices and safeguard assets, all while optimizing their business tax strategy.

The MSO Advantage

Operational Efficiency and Structural
Integrity for Business Owners

By establishing an MSO as a C-Corp and outsourcing administrative services via a Management Service Agreement (MSA), businesses can achieve superior operational efficiency. This separation allows for a streamlined focus on core business activities while the MSO handles administrative tasks.

Tax Efficiency and Strategic Planning

A well-structured MSO offers significant tax benefits, leveraging a 21% flat tax rate on C Corp income, which is notably lower than individual tax rates that can climb up to 37%. This strategic advantage is crucial for tax planning and maximizing financial efficiency.

Enhanced Asset Protection

With an MSO, a businesses’ valuable assets, including plant and infrastructure, are held in a lower-risk entity. This structure provides a robust layer of protection, minimizing exposure and safeguarding the business's future.

Partner with Goheen Insurance

Interested in how an MSO can revolutionize your business structure? Goheen Insurance is here to guide you through the process, from initial setup to ongoing management, ensuring your business thrives.

Increased Financial Leverage

Utilizing a C-Corp structure through an MSO enables more efficient handling of non-deductible expenses, such as insurance premiums, enhancing your purchasing and debt-servicing capabilities.

Operating with Precision

The MSO's revenue, derived from management fees established by fair market value, enjoys the C-Corp's flat tax rate. This arrangement not only benefits the MSO but also allows the Operating Company (OC) to operate efficiently, recognizing expenses in a manner that supports income generation.

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