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Premium Finance

Simplify Your Wealth Strategy with Goheen Insurance Premium Financing

Premium financed life insurance is a powerful method for funding large life insurance policies and lowering premiums. We finance your policy premiums through a custom loan, helping you to significantly lower or eliminate out of pocket costs.

Key Benefits of Choosing Premium Financing

Lower Premiums 

By leveraging the policy's internal value, premiums are paid by borrowing funds from a commercial lender instead of you paying directly out of of pocket.

Protect Future Income 

Premium financing allows you to obtain tax-free retirement income and it significantly minimizes both gift and estate taxes. 

Allows for a Higher ROI 

By keeping the investment in high returning assets, it allows for better investment returns – instead of using that capital to pay for premiums.

Tax Optimization

With Goheen Insurance, we show our clients how they can properly structure ownership of life insurance and illustrate where you can be paying interest instead of premiums, which results in tax-free retirement income and significantly minimizes gift and estate taxes.

Life Insurance- Premium Financing

(ILIT as Insurance Owner)

Our Commitment to Your Financial Journey

Policy Review and Enhancement
Through detailed policy reviews, we identify opportunities to enhance your insurance portfolio’s value, ensuring it meets your evolving needs.

Access to a Deep Lender Network

Our strong network of lenders allows us to secure flexible credit options against policy values, facilitating the expansion of your life insurance coverage and enhancing your financial strategy’s effectiveness.

With Goheen Insurance, premium financing is more than just a tactic—it’s a partnership towards achieving your financial aspirations.

Why Premium Financing

Premium financing allows clients to finance insurance premiums through loans, offering liquidity while retaining capital. Evaluate client suitability based on financial situations, risk tolerance, and objectives. Understand underwriting criteria, including creditworthiness and collateral requirements, to assess client eligibility. Communicate potential risks, including default, interest rate fluctuations, and collateral considerations, to clients.

Discover a Better Way to Manage Wealth

Let’s navigate your financial future together. Goheen Insurance, partnering with Simplicity, is here to guide you through optimizing your premium financing strategy for lasting success.