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We specialize in empowering financial advisors and other clients with advanced financial advisory services, premium finance solutions, and comprehensive estate planning services. 

Our partnership with Simplicity enriches our offerings, providing you with an expanded toolkit to serve all clients effectively.

Elevating Advisor Services with Innovation

Advanced Financial Services

Leverage our experience professional to offer your clients sophisticated strategies that align with their long-term financial goals.

Premium Finance Solutions

With our premium finance experience professional, you can present innovative financing options to your clients, enhancing their insurance and investment portfolios.

Customized Estate Planning

Our estate planning services are designed to ensure your clients' legacies are preserved and transferred according to their wishes, with the utmost care and precision.

Advisor Success Spotlight

Navigating Complex Financial Landscapes

The Problem 

An advisor was struggling with a particular client on a premium finance case valued at over 40 million dollars, and his client did not have any experience in life insurance. He decided to contact Goheen Insurance and asked if Shawn would meet with his client.

The Solution

Shawn immediately called this client and asked how he could help. They decided to meet and Shawn booked a flight to meet him in person. 

During their meeting, Shawn asked that he meet with his client’s family, to stress the importance of estate planning and for the family to understand what they would inherit one day. After listening to this client’s concerns, Shawn suggested a family limited partnership policy and obtained an informal application to obtain their doctor’s records. This allowed Shawn to look at various carriers and make sure that he returned to the client with a policy that was perfectly designed for them.

Days later, the client informed him that he was looking into working with another premium finance consultant. Shawn asked if he could be on the phone with another consultant and the client, and Shawn brought into the conversation a poignant point — Shawn’s suggested policy would not require the client to post any collateral up front, something the client was very concerned with. This point was not addressed by the other consultant. 

In the end, Shawn built this client a premium finance policy that keeps up with his estate growth over time and addresses estate taxes. He also made sure to get his client’s son involved in the policy, so that when his son takes over the business, he is well prepared. 

Goheen Insurance genuinely listens and creates a policy that is always designed with a client’s best interest in mind. 


A Partnership Rooted in Trust and Growth

Discover the enhanced capabilities and opportunities our partnership with Simplicity offers. At Goheen Insurance, your professional growth and your clients’ financial success are our top priorities.

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