Insuring your life. Ensuring your legacy.

Your Partner in Advanced Financial Advisory Services and Legacy Planning.

Empowering Financial Advisors

We specialize in empowering financial advisors with advanced financial advisory services, premium finance solutions, and customized estate planning services. Our merger with Simplicity enriches our offerings, providing you with an expanded toolkit to serve your high-net-worth clients effectively.

Unlock New Financial Opportunities

Your Partner in Advanced Financial Advisory Services and Legacy Planning.

At Goheen Insurance, we’re more than just a provider of high-net-worth insurance solutions; we are your partner in securing a financial legacy.

To trust anyone with your legacy is scary. At Goheen Insurance, we pride ourselves on astute attention to detail through every step of the process.

We specialize in premium finance for affluent clients, and offer a unique blend of financial advisory services designed to grow and preserve substantial wealth.

The Goheen Advantage

Why Choose Goheen Insurance?

Rapid Response

We offer expedited delivery of client illustrations within 24 hours to fast-track the application process.

$1 Billion in Managed Premiums

We are trusted to manage over $1 billion in premium finance life insurance policies for high-net-worth individuals.

Deep Network Connections

We offer customized solutions backed by a network of over 100 industry experts, with exclusive access to 20 banking institutions which we check regularly to get the best rates.

Comprehensive Financial Services

We provide premium financing, premium finance life insurance solutions, corporate integrity programs, estate planning and more.

Client-Centric Excellence

Your financial aspirations are our priority. Our mission is to exceed expectations with dedicated solutions that reflect your goals.

"Shawn helped get difficult cases over the line for me, cases that warrant a high touch are his specialty."

Our Services

Premium Finance and Life Insurance Expertise

Our deep-rooted expertise in premium financing is more than just a service – it’s a commitment to empowering high-net-worth individuals and advisors. We understand your unique financial journey and are here to guide you with personalized solutions.

Insuring Lives and Securing Legacies 

At Goheen Insurance, we see life insurance as more than just a policy; it’s a pivotal part of your comprehensive estate plan. We approach this with care, ensuring that your legacy is protected and passed on according to your wishes.

Innovative Wealth and Insurance Solutions

Our team, skilled in strategic asset management, is dedicated to demystifying estate planning for high-net-worth individuals. We approach every challenge with innovative solutions, ensuring your estate planning is as effective as it is straightforward, especially when navigating estate taxes.

Our offerings extend to annuity services, long-term care, and disability insurance coverage, as well as tailored premium finance life insurance solutions, which encompass both large-scale financing and micro financing options. Our mission is to deliver strategies that foster growth, ensuring that your financial goals are not only met – but surpassed.

Find out more about our deep service offerings for clients and advisors here.

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About Goheen Insurance

Goheen Insurance: Securing Legacies with Expertise and Integrity

Led by Shawn and Morgan Goheen, Goheen Insurance offers something special in financial advisory services, catering to high-net-worth individuals and advisors alike with robust, personalized financial solutions. Shawn, an expert since 1990, excels in creating opportunities through his extensive network of specialty lenders and insurers. He is known throughout the industry to have an impeccable reputation.

Morgan Goheen, our VP of Life Sales, adds a unique perspective to financial advisory services, ensuring our services meet and exceed the diverse needs of our clients.

The recent acquisition of Goheen Insurance by The Simplicity Group represents a significant leap forward in financial services. This strategic move combines Goheen’s expertise in premium finance solutions and high-net-worth insurance services with Simplicity’s vast resources and innovative financial tools.

With a focus on high-net-worth individuals, the combined entity is uniquely positioned to offer specialized strategies and advanced insurance solutions.

Goheen’s recent partnership with Simplicity Group combines Goheen’s expertise in premium finance solutions and high-net-worth insurance services with Simplicity’s vast resources and innovative financial tools.

The combined entity is uniquely positioned to offer specialized investment strategies and advanced insurance solutions to high-net-worth individuals.

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