Goheen Insurance: Leaders in Premium Finance with a Legacy of Excellence

Goheen Companies was founded as a family business by Shawn Goheen, a leader in the premium finance market. Shawn distinguished himself by cultivating strong relationships with insurance carriers and developing ties with over 15+ specialty lenders and loan programs. His expertise and extensive network sets Goheen Companies apart as a trusted advisor to advisors, offering exclusive opportunities and resources that would be difficult to access independently.

How Can You Plan for Long-Term Care?

Statistics say there is a 70% chance that you or your spouse will experience a need for long-term care, but most people wait too long before applying.

3 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Life Insurance Policy

If you’re not sure where to start with choosing a life insurance policy — or if you’re re-evaluating your current policy and looking to lower your premiums or increase your coverage — consider these three questions to help direct your decision making.