Goheen Insurance: Leaders in Premium Finance with a Legacy of Excellence

Goheen Companies was founded as a family business by Shawn Goheen, a leader in the premium finance market. Shawn distinguished himself by cultivating strong relationships with insurance carriers and developing ties with over 15+ specialty lenders and loan programs. His expertise and extensive network sets Goheen Companies apart as a trusted advisor to advisors, offering exclusive opportunities and resources that would be difficult to access independently.

How to Position Yourself for Future Success in 2023

What are your resolutions for 2023? Two of the most popular resolutions this year are to improve your mental health and improve your finances. Or maybe you’ve set more specific goals within those categories, like saving for retirement, growing your business, or investing in your children’s future.

Give the Gift of Life Insurance this Holiday Season

s exciting as it is to wake up to a pile of beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree, there’s no greater gift than the act of making sure your loved ones’ financial futures are secure even after you’re gone.