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Does Premium Finance Work in a High-Interest Environment?

Shawn Goheen shares the state of the union in premium financing and describes how Goheen Insurance can help you build a premium finance solution with stress testing for any economic environment.
Importance of Stress Testing

If you’re looking for a way to save for retirement, secure your legacy, and decrease your tax burden, premium financed life insurance is still a valuable strategy even when interest rates are high. But in a high-interest environment, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re working with the right partner.

At Goheen Insurance, we currently have more than $1 billion in managed premiums, and a 97.3% persistency rate for the past three years. There’s no one in the industry you can trust more with your wealth and your legacy.

In this article, we’ll share insights from President and CEO Shawn Goheen about what to expect when you work with us, and the different options available to you depending on your specific goals and needs.

Find a Partner You Can Trust

‍When you’re looking for a partner for premium finance, it’s important to keep in mind that these cases are complicated and require a level of expertise and care beyond that of many financial advisors.

One of the key differentiators that helps us succeed is our commitment to thorough stress testing. Our five zeros stress tests help us make sure we’re structuring your policy so you can manage the collateral and annual interest rate increases even in poor economic conditions.

Goheen has seen many cases recently where the person who structured the policy didn’t educate their client about the collateral requirements or conduct rigorous stress texting.

‍If your policy is in trouble because of issues like this, we can provide a complimentary premium finance rescue review and can look at helping by reducing the death benefit, reducing premiums, or even redesigning and starting over if needed.. Premium Financing is a simple idea, but complex in practice, so having an experienced and knowledgeable partner is always your best choice.

How it Works

When you work with Goheen Companies, we’re able to shop around to find the best rates and collateral for you. We have partnerships with more than 15 banks, each with their own financing program, and some with interest rates in the 4-5% range. 

“I think it’s the most important piece of our practice, that we have the flexibility to be able to move these loans around like we do, but secondly, it gives [you] the comfort in knowing that we work with banks that can help figure out a solution if needed,” Goheen explained.

We also have some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, with the ability to provide you an illustration within 24 hours. Our process always starts with an information fact sheet that helps us get a clear picture of what you’re looking for.

“[And] if you have a sample design that you really like but you want us to supercharge it by using one of our strategies, you’re landing at the right place with our firm,” Goheen shared.

Flexible Premium Finance Alternatives to Meet Your Needs

If you’re interested in the benefits of premium finance but are looking for greater flexibility or lower premiums, Goheen Companies’ newest offering could be the perfect solution for your needs. 

Life Insurance Financed Equity (L.I.F.E.) is a new product from Goheen Companies and Optimus Life Designs® that allows you to purchase larger life insurance policies with partial financing. Unlike alternatives, the minimum premiums for these policies are as low as $50-75K. 

Other benefits include the ability to: 

  • Choose from a broad range of plan designs
  • Do 1035 exchanges
  • Set up second-to-die insurance 
  • Structure your policy as a business-sponsored policy for owners and key executives
  • Use your policy as collateral for the loan 

“You have the opportunity to be a lot more flexible on when you pay off the loan, how you pay off the loan, and when you start taking your distributions,” Goheen explained. “We really believe that the market is going to change in the next year, year and a half to this other type of design that we’ve developed.” 

If you’re interested in learning more about how partnering with Goheen Companies can help you find a premium finance solution that works for you, please contact us today. 

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Meet Shawn Goheen, the heart and soul behind Goheen Insurance. Since the early ’90s, Shawn has been more than just a financial advisor; he has been a trusted confidant to high-net-worth individuals. His journey has led him to build strong connections with over 15 specialty lenders and insurance carriers, and relationships with 20+ banks, giving him a rare edge in navigating the often-complex financial world with ease and transparency.